Enstruct Testing

How do you know candidates’ technical skills? It’s a common problem for business and finance roles, that can cost tens of thousands of dollars if the wrong person is hired. Enstruct Testing is a unique service for recruiters, human resource managers, and individuals seeking to determine precisely what modeling skills a candidate might have.

Testing platform

Simple process, relevant testing, insightful analysis

Innovative test format and design

Carefully curated questions test both financial and Excel ability. Proprietary interface with embedded, working Excel, requiring candidates to demonstrate technical proficiency.

Meaningful results

Questions designed to test both financial concepts and operational understanding of Excel. Each question is coded with varying values to determine specific strengths and weaknesses

Recruiters and HR Managers can quickly see performance across clusters and compared to relevant benchmarks. Candidates are ordered by overall and subcategory performance.

Designed by experts

While system design is important, the people creating the tests are paramount. Every question is crafted by seasoned professionals who know what is important for real world application.

Top Tier Experience

Published works

1000s trained


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